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Victorian Town build set

street view 1Main street intersection, showing some of the available stores
front streetAnother View of the Shops
Town CenterTown Center
Town Center with book sellerTown Center with book seller
Store name detail
Store name detail
river side viewRiver view with River walk
fireplace 1One of two Fireplaces available
stairs 1Ornate Railings
stairs 2Another View of the Stairs

wallpaper 1 wallpaper 2 wallpaper 3 wallpaper 4

available wallpapers

To appreciate the flexibility of this set, visit Mythopia at 0.95S 38.93W -2.39a

This Victorian Town build set with 238 models, contains 12 different storefront variations, with additional residential entrances. The included interior stairs are designed for 2 floors that can be subdivided as apartments. There are 3 additional facade textures to apply to each front as each is also tagged 200.

Each interior wall is tagged 101 so that an easy change of wallpaper is possible. There are 4 wallpapers and 5 exterior stone/brick types available.

The set includes 2 fireplaces, 4 different chimney types, 4 different colored doors and 4 separate signs.

Each store or apartment can be a stand alone or row house. The roof objects are available with and without an additional floor and allow a variety of combinations.

A complete set of roads and 3 lamp posts with signs are included. The signs are tagged 101 and 200 so that both can be changed. The facades with store names are also tagged 200 so that the name can easily be retextured.

238 models

88 textures

Price: $70

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As a help in designing the town for low lag, here are the approximate vertex count for each type of wall. Similar looking fronts will have about the same vertex count.
Object poly count
facade 1 630
facade 1-1 630
facade 1-2 512
facade 2 450
facade 3 580
facade 11 535