This is a legal agreement between you and Sh3d-Design LLC. On purchase or download you thereby agree to the following terms, authorizations, and limitations. Note in particular item (8).

(1) Models are licensed for single world use only unless multiple worlds, owned by the buyer, share the same object path or otherwise specified by Sh3D-Design LLC. When used on multiple worlds with shared path, the worlds have to belong to the buyer, (a valid AWI licence registered to the buyer). The exception is that complimentary free models by Sh3d-Design LLC may be used in multiple worlds and/or multiple object paths.

(2) Models are licensed to the original owner and may be moved from one world path to another that is owned by the purchaser as long as the original is deleted in the other, unless otherwise specified by Sh3D-Design LLC.

(3) Models maybe uploaded to another owners object path as long as the models are deleted when the owner's citizen expires and leaves AW. Unless it is specified that they are a gift and then cannot be moved to another object path.

(4) Models and textures are for use in AWI designed software and may not be converted to any other format, or used in any other 3D game unless authorized by Sh3D-Design LLC. Copyrighted Sh3D-Design LLC textures maybe used freely on other models in the owner's worlds, but may not be given to others and cannot be used in other 3D environments like THERE or SecondLife, etc.

(5) All purchased models must be password protected. It is not a requirement that Object Selection in world for visitors be turned off.

(6) Models may be rescaled for use as needed. Geometry may not be changed without giving Sh3D-Design LLC notice, but textures can be replaced.

(7) You may not use the models in a commercial environment, meaning the use in any revenue generating Virtual Reality environment. A separate licence is required for that use. Contact Sh3D-Design LLC for information.

(8) Upon expiration of your citizenship, and/or world licence, you may not sell, resell as, duplicate, distribute or represent for resale the models and textures on your object path.

(9) You may not sell, resell as, duplicate, distribute, sub-license, publish, market, or represent for resale or free objects, any Sh3D-Design LLC model, or any derivative thereof, in any known digital file format, by any means what-so-ever, without prior written permission from Sh3d-Design LLC, who are the sole and exclusive copyright holders and no others.

(10) You may not sell, resell, sell as, duplicate, distribute, sublicense, publish, market, or represent for resale or free objects, any Sh3d-Design models or 2D images created using original Sh3D-Design LLC for use as 2D/3D clip art, 2D/3D stock art, and does not authorize inclusion as part of any stock libraries of any description, in any way.

This Non-Exclusive Limited Commercial License Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Sh3D-Design LLC with regards to Sh3D-Design LLC models and associated images, and supersedes any and all other communications, written or otherwise. This Agreement may not be modified unless authorized in writing by Sh3D-Design LLC.

Last updated June 24, 2010