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Elven Models

Elven Royal residence

Front viewFront view
Front Side viewFront Side view
interiror 1Inside entrance view
entranceEntrance detail
wingView of side wings

This Building represents the Royal residence in the truest sense. It has the trim and texturing befitting the title. The impressive front entrance leads to spacious wings on each side, that are useful for bedrooms or reception roons as well.

5 main sections, 3 bases and 6 interior walls are included, The base pieces are tagged 101 so that a change of ground texture is possible. The AW groups file .awg is now avalaible for this set.

For more detail click on some of the images to open a larger view.

18 models

31 textures

Price: $35

Elven Bridge set in 2 sizes

bridge1Bridge crossing over river


Close up detail
bridge3Bridge Ramp

The bridge set for the Elven Village matches the style perfectly in all aspects. There are 2 sizes of this set, a narrow one for for foot traffic and small spans, or the double wide for major river crossings. They both have support pillars to enable crossing deep valleys. This bridge is similar in design to the Hotel bridge.

The set consists of 3 different bridge spans, each with their own support pillars for deep water.

Each has a built-inflames for an enhanced look at night. They sit on an optional pillar so that the bridge can be build without them.

18 pieces

7 textures

Price: $18

Elven Village Light set

wall sconces

wall sconces

lit floors

Lit floors




Lamppost 1


Lamppost 2

This set contains 8 different lamps, 7 of which are lit and unlit versions. There are several wall sconces with and without matching lit wall pieces for greater flexibility. The thin wall pieces can be place over existing walls, in cases where the walls cannot be replaced as in the case of all the elven model houses. The wall pieces are tagged with 101.

A set of lit floor pieces and base pieces compatible with the build set complete the set. The flames are PE's from AW4.1 but sprites can be used as easily.

38 models

14 textures

Price: $15

Elven Village Globe Movers

globes1Elven Mover Globes

These 2 Globes are designed to be used as movers in the Elven village. Using prelighting, they are easily visible at night.

The glowing light is a PE's . The awg file is included.

globes at night

Elven Globes at night

2 models

5 textures

Price: $8