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Elven Models

Elven Village build set

house 1A house showing nestled in the center of the village
house 2A 2 story house
Build setbuild Set
gazeboGazebo is included
This build set fills in the gap for building a variety of new small homes. With 2 lamps, fire torch, gazebo and a 7 piece stone base build set, it offers more options for building a small village. Two more wall textures add variety to the house configurations.

92 models

24 textures

Price: $35

For those that already own any of the other models, this includes only the new textures

92 models

5 unique textures

Price: $25

Panoramic view of Elven Village

Elven Lighthouse

Lighthouse close upLighthouse close up
LighthouseLighthouse close up
This Lighthouse is a nice addition to the Elven set. It goes well with the new Boathouse that was recently released. 3 new textures to the standard village textures make this building stand out. A magic crystal supply the light for the beam. A hand crank lowers the column that holds the crystal.

12 models

20 texture

Price: $30

Elven Swan Boats

Big Swan BoatLarge Swan Boat
A swan boat, suitably docked in front of the new Elven village Boat house can be seen. The large boat has a gazebo and has room for several passengers. The smaller boat can seat 2. Trees and boathouse not included.

Small Swan boat

Small Swan Boat

2 models

7 textures

Both boats

Price: $10

Fountain Build Set

Overwiev of fountain setOverwiev of fountain set
fountainMain Fountain
fountain sidesanother view of the water basins
This fountain build set will be a great addition as a centerpiece for the Elven village. There are many pieces to build different fountain or pool combinations. All walls are tagged with 101 for a retexture, as are the flower petals on the main fountain. This is is similar to the Roman set, except the pieces are smaller enabling a more compact design. Several brand new textures are featured in this design.

69 models

22 textures

Price: $20