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Elven Models

Elven Boat House and Canal set

boat houseThe Boat house with docks
boathouse backThe Canal House with wharf pieces

A nice model to complement the rest of the village pieces. This set is more flexible and allows you to build another Canal house that could be used as a Toll gate on a canal. The dock pieces can be be arranged in a variety of ways. Each base has several entry ways with steps, that can be closed off if needed. There is small bridge that can connect the second floor on each side, enabling one to cross the water.

28 models

26 textures

Price: $35

Water mill with Bridge and Dam

mill frontMill with waterwheel and bridge
mill gearsFunctional mill wheels and gears
mill damDam build set included
The water mill is functional with millstones and gears. There is a trough that connects the water wheel to the dam. The bridge provides the only access to the Mill entrance. The Dam sections are made to fit the bridge pieces if you wish to se them on top.

22 models

22 textures

Price: $35

Elven Inn

inn frontInn Front View
inn sideInn Side View
As you enter you see the unique curved rear windows and spiral stairs leading up to the second floor with its dormers and side balconies. The inn has been designed as 4 rooms and an entryway. However, the interior walls are removable on the first floor.

14 models

20 textures

Price: $30

Elven Townhall

townhall frontTownhall Front View
townhall sideTownhall Side view
townhall insideTownhall interior

Panoramic view of Interior of Town Hall

This especially ornate building offers an imposing presence with the round, tiered roof, center section as a main building with three side wings dressed up with second floor balconies. The central interior is a large, open gathering place with an eye-catching design on the floor and a majestic feel as you look upward taking in the beautiful stain glass windows and ceiling. In the center of your village it is sure to attract a flurry of activities.

8 models

6 textures

Price: $30

Elven Bridge Set

covered bridgeCurved Bridge
This set includes all the pieces you need to build the a complete bridge. It even includes a T section, not shown in picture.

9 models

12 textures

Price: $15